Kennet was the youngest member of the original three Crinfrid Reavers, a group of mercenaries hired by King Niedamir to take part in the hunt for, Myrgtabrakke a dragon outside Barefield. He was known for his expertise with a two-handed sword. He fought alongside Gar and Boholt, their leader.[1] By the time of 1271, Kennet has seemingly become the leader of the Reavers and addressed Geralt outside Foltest's army camp.[2] A few years afterward, the Reavers grew in numbers with Kennet, Boholt, Gar and, to some extent, Newboy remembered as quite a legends.[3]

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  • In The Hexer (Movie and TV series), the Crinfrid Reavers appear in the episode "Smok" of the series, where the role of Kennet is portrayed by Piotr Dąbrowski.

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