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Kayleigh was one of the members of the Rats. He was slender, with long blonde hair reaching to his shoulders. He was the adopted son of the castellan in Ebbing. His face was angular, his eyes a mad green, and his mouth was usually twisted into a nasty grimace. He wore earrings and had a snake tattoo. He dressed in a black calf skin with silver accents.

Ciri first met him at the inn in Glyswen where both she and he had been dragged against their will by two different gangs: Ciri by the Trappers, and Kayleigh by the Nissir. The night of his rescue he attempts to rape Ciri, but is chased away by Mistle who takes over where he left off.

He, and the entire gang with the exception of Ciri, was killed by Leo Bonhart in Jealousy.

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