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Karmic Justice is side quest than can be obtained by walking in the Novigrad suburbs near the river, between the Tretogor gate and the Southern gate.

Walkthrough Edit

You will find three elves trying to kill a merchant. If you talk with them they will tell you the man sold poisoned fisstech to their young ones, and they suffered a painful death because of it, and they have come for revenge.

You can ask about searching the man to check if he has fisstech, but the elves will answer they couldn't find anything because they think he sold everything. The man will deny the accusations and pledge for help.

If you decide to help him because there isn't enough evidence to kill him, you will be rewarded with 25XP and 50 crowns.

Additional Info Edit

  • If you decide to let the elves carry out the punishment, you will receive nothing.
  • If you wait too much before joining them or just walk away, the elves will just kill him and you won't be able to help him or interact with them.
  • If you aren't careful while fighting, one of the elves might try to kill the merchant while you are fighting the others.
  • You can do this quest only at the night time of the day.
    Witcher3 karmic justice map

    Exact location of the side quest in the red circle.

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