Kaer Trolde keep is ancient castle that towers over the Skellige Islands and serves as Clan an Craite's seat and the home of its jarl, who is during novels and games, Crach. This powerful, majestic fortress stands on the slope of the highest peak in the archipelago - and is even partially carved into the very rock of its perch. From atop its towers one can enjoy an uninterrupted and breathtaking view of all of Skellige.

Tw3 thick bridge to Castle of Trolls

It has been carved through the mountain up to a stone bridge connecting two sheer rock walls. On the other end of this stone arch lies the gate leading to the fortress interior. Inside the fortress lie spacious stone chambers and banquet halls that look somewhat dark and foreboding in the dim light of candles and torches. In keeping with local custom, the walls are decorated with weapons, shields, and embroidered tapestries depicting fantastic animals, monsters, and heroic deeds.

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  • A tapestry in the Kaer Trolde feast room depicts warriors battling the Ice Giant. Its style makes reference to an actual 11th century artifact, the Bayeux Tapestry, which shows William the Conqueror’s successful battles for control over England.

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