Kaer Trolde is a fortress belonging to Crach an Craite on Ard Skellig, the largest of the Skellige islands. From the upper terraces of the citadel almost the entire archipelago is visible: An Skellig on the north behind the strait, Spikeroog far to the west, to the east Undvik and Hindarsfjall behind it. To see Faroe, one has to go to the very top of one of the towers and look to the south.

Beneath the terraces the port city is situated, described by Yennefer as the black and amorphous like a huge crustacean thrown on the shore by the waves. The Skellige branch of the Cianfanelli Bank is located here. City is also home to quite number of alchemists, goldsmiths, glass blowers and jewelers.

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Kaer Trolde is the main fortress on the isle of Ard Skellig. For centuries it has been the an Craites' seat and jarl Crach an Craite’s pride and joy. Partly carved from the solid rock of the isle’s highest mountain, it makes a strong impression on all who behold it. Legend has it it was built by Grymmdjarr Iron Fang, son of Hemdall and Heulyn, founder of Clan an Craite. Grymmdjarr wanted a way to watch over all of Skellige to ensure no harm would come to his brothers, rulers of the other islands. So he wrapped heavy chains around a mountain resting on the sea floor, pulled it to the surface and placed it on the island of Ard Skellig. In seven days he carved out of it an impregnable fortress whose lofty towers afford a view of all the archipelago.

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  • A tapestry in the Kaer Trolde throne room depicts warriors battling the Ice Giant. Its style makes reference to an actual 11th century artifact, the Bayeux Tapestry, which shows William the Conqueror’s successful battles for control over England. [1]
  • Kaer or Kêr means city in Breton, the real world language of Brittany.

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  • Developers made an error in the third game. In the books Kaer Trolde is described as a city or town while in the game its a village under a majestic castle.


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