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Kaer Almhult is a large fortress found between the islands of Ard Skellig and Spikeroog. After it fell into disrepair, a large group of bandit took over the ruins. One time the fortress was supposed to become the seat of Konung, but it never came into practise.

Map description Edit

Built centuries ago to serve as the home keep for the kings of Skellige. In practice, however, each ruler preferred to keep his clan's seat, and Kaer Almhult was left unused. Eventually the decision was made to turn it into a prison, and today the fortress is a crumbling ruin.

Trivia Edit

  • There is a nice reference in here, if you go inside and kill the Pirate leader, he will have a key for a prison cell, called sky cell, with no bars, a body similar to a dwarf and Geralt will say: "Sky cells… Nice idea for a prison without bars. Shame he didn't know how to fly" a clear reference to Tyrion from A Song of Ice and Fire and the Eyrie's dungeons.
  • Kaer or Kêr means "city" in Breton, while Ker means "city" or "fortress" in Cornish. Caer means the same in Welsh.

Gallery Edit

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