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This brothel is located in the Kaedweni Camp followers' encampment. It is governed by Madame Carole and has a vague number of prostitutes working in it. Those available for Geralt to hire are Birdie, Big Bust Miriam, Arseleta, Licking Lucy, and Whistling Wendy (none of whom are visible until Carole expects one to be hired, thus none of whom can be interacted with directly - other than the implied 'interaction' following the purchase of sexual favors).

Six others, who can be found outside the tents throughout most of Chapter II, are randomly named. There is also Liva (who doubles as a medic and is too busy for sex with Geralt). According to Dandelion they all are "quite decent".

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Trivia Edit

  • Explanations of the sex cut-scene and random naming conventions can be found on the Flotsam brothel page.

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