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Julia Abatemarco, also called Pretty Kitty was a mercenary and a member of Adieu's Free Company. She, along with Adam Pangratt, Lorenzo Molla, and Juan Gutierrez had previously been imprisoned in Kovir after being accused of being members of the "Sly cats". After the group was released by Esterad Thyssen, they left for Redania where they formed the mercenary group known as Adieu's Free Company.

She has participated in the battles at Mayena and Brenna as part of the Free Company, after which, Adam "Adieu" Pangratt asked for her hand in marriage, despite the fact that he was already married.

She grew very old, though was plagued by illnesses typical of old age

The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Edit

If Geralt follows Roche's path, he and Vernon are ambushed by Adam Pangratt and his mercenaries inside the Tunnel of the Founders while entering Vergen. As Pangratt is at Geralt's mercy after a fight, the mercenary explains that if the witcher spares him, he will leave for Tretogor where a pregnant "Julia" awaits him. To this, Vernon laughingly adds "You knocked up Pretty Kitty? Ah, congratulations, Pangratt. And give her my regards."