Journey to the End of the World is a book in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Reading this tome provides the bestiary entries for sirens, erynias, and succubi, as well as the formula for the succubus decoction, and the formula for the ekhidna decoction.

Journal entry Edit

Sirens, the harpies' distant relatives, are winged monsters found in the Skellige Archipelago, most frequently on unpopulated isles or in the inaccessible coastal areas of populated ones. According to legend they are daughters of the mythcial winged giant Hräsvelg, who lives on the edge of the world and births gales with the waving of his wings. Hräsvelg's daughters ssek out the company of giants and often make their nests near their lairs.
These creatures attack boats and ships from the air, tearing sails and rigging to shreds and rendering vessels immobile. At times they will snatch men or cattle from the deck and drop them from great heights to their death. They also attack travelers trekking across isolated beaches.