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John Verdun was a former soldier in the Temerian Army, having served in the 10th Maribor division in 1272, but deserted before it was destroyed by the Nilfgaardians during their invasion of the North. He fell in with a group of fleeing refugees but when they learned he had deserted the refugees tied him up and left him for drowners on the river bank west of Mulbrydale.

Geralt can find him tied up on the river bank and decide whether to leave him to die or free him.

If Geralt leaves him there: John will be killed by the drowners and Geralt can find his corpse in the same general area.

If Geralt frees him: John will thank the witcher and head off. Later on, Geralt can encounter him north of Ursten, where he will thank the witcher once more and offer a reward for saving him. However, John also reveals that he gathered some men and hunted down and killed the refugees that left him on the river bank. Geralt can then choose to let him be or kill John and his men.

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  • In the German version of the game his name is Hans.

Notes Edit

  • While not a main plot driver, this quest and character serve as a warning example of the unintended side effects of the witcher's actions.