John Geermer is a character in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt who is the quest giver for the secondary quest Precious Cargo. In this quest he pretends to be a merchant fallen on bad luck in order to get Geralt to help him recover some medical supplies from a Nilfgaardian supply cart which he attacked.

Formerly a soldier in the Temerian army, John Geermer now operates with a small group of Temerian insurgents fighting in the Nilfgaardian controlled territory of White Orchard. He describes himself as Private First Class John Geermer, Temerian Sixth Division, Second Regiment, Disbanded but still active - underground, in the woods.

Geermer Location

Location of Geermer before you start his quest

Before starting his quest he can be found camped just south of the bog in the Northwest part of White Orchard. Depending on your choices during the quest he may be found afterwards in the Temerian Bandit camp located in the Eastern part of White Orchard or if you turned him into the Nilfgaardians he can no longer be found.

Associated quest Edit