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Jealousy ("Zazdrość" in the original Polish) is a settlement in Ebbing, a province of Nilfgaard. It was formerly known as Birka. The village is about thirty miles east of the nearest postal station, and a day's ride from Fano.

Originally known as the village of Birka, but that village was burned to the ground by an elf who had been ridiculed to the point of rage for his unrequited love for a village maiden. After the fire, the village never recovered and the bit of it that was rebuilt became known as "The Flames of Jealousy", thereafter shortened to simply "Jealousy".

Jealousy is comprised of a single long street flanked by houses, granaries and a distillery. At the end of the street is the Chimera's Head Inn. It is here that Leo Bonhart had stopped prior to killing and decapitating the Rats.

Residents Edit

Landmarks Edit

  • The Chimera's Head Inn

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