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Onward, sons of Nilfgaard!
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- Jan Calveit's motto, Gwent: The Witcher Card Game
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Jan Calveit was Emperor of Nilfgaard, succeeding Morvran Voorhis. In 1328, he rehabilitated Peter Evertsen, coadjutor of the Empire, who was falsely accused of misappropriation of funds and died imprisoned in 1301, during the reign of Emperor Voorhis.[2]

Dominik Bombastus Houvenaghel was one of his faithful counselors and the emperor even granted him with titles of viscount and zupparius salis of Venendal.[3]

He was aware of Emhyr's mistakes and tried to not repeat them. He was also apparently forgiving and able to give second chances.[1]

Biography Edit

Emperor Jan Calveit had broad intellectual horizons. He dabbled in a variety of scholarly disciplines; medicine and astrology in particular. His critics complained at his hobbies' lack of practical application, until the time came to prove how very wrong they were.

He founded a medical academy in Vicovaro. At first, the city's residents were proud of the stately edifice and the sharp young men who studied there. Soon, however; respect turned to fear and loathing - rumors had it that the doctors valued the corpses of the ill more than their lives.

Jan Calveit knew proper preparation was half the key to winning battles. That is why he was meticulous in perfecting his own plans - and doing whatever possible to thwart those of his enemies.

He was keen to say that to prepare for the future, you must first know it. Thus he surrounded himself with mages, seers and astrologists able to read the stars for what tomorrow would bring. Judging by Calveit's successes, at least a morsel of what they divined must have come true.[1]

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