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James Semple

James Semple is a composer who has recently been making some noise in the Witcher community. He composed 25 minutes of original music based on the existing game for a module contest entry (Birth, and Virgins), and although that entry was not the overall winning entry, his score has received the attention it so richly deserves from the "people that count".

The Music of Birth, and Virgins Edit

by James Semple
"Birth, and Virgins" tells a bittersweet tale of Hela and how Geralt potentially rescues her from an abominable situation. The music had to support the story and reflect the themes presented. For this reason I aimed for a slightly softer and more intimate sound than the original music.

The heart of the score is a poignant theme for Hela herself. This theme is in a minor key and generally played on a solo woodwind. Other themes in the score include the Murky Waters theme and a theme for Barnabas. Certain characters do not have actual themes and instead are referenced more by choice of instruments: Gutka with the duduk and Josef with an Irish whistle. Finally, Geralt's theme is quoted in a couple of places and integrated into Hela's theme.

Throughout the story, these themes are developed. This is particularly noticeable during the wedding music where Hela's theme is actually moved to a major key to reflect her newfound happiness. Also, the closing credits use a soft and subtle reworking of various elements of the score to show the growth of the characters.

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