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Jad Karadin is a retired witcher of the Cat School. He currently lives in Novigrad with his wife and two adopted children. Karadin formerly led a band of assassins, of which Selyse, Lund, Hammond and Vienne were members. Whether there are more former members alive at the time Karadin is encountered remains unknown.

The witcher Lambert, whom Geralt of Rivia encounters shortly after taking on a contract for an ekimmara issued by one of Lund's guardsmen, has a personal interest in finding Karadin. Having credible information that the now-disbanded gang had killed Aiden, a witcher of the Cat School, and good friend of Lambert. With Geralt of Rivia's help they now try to find Karadin to exact revenge for the murder of the fellow witcher.

The duo manages to track Karadin, found living as a wealthy merchant in Novigrad. Karadin claims he has given up the witcher trade and his criminal activities to start a new life with his wife and two adopted children. He tells them that Aiden's death was an accident and that he greatly regrets it. Lambert refuses to believe him, and claims to have knowledge of Karadin working in the slave trade.

In the end, Geralt of Rivia must decide whether he helps Lambert follow through with his revenge or if he does not want to back Lambert in his decision. If Geralt decides to help Lambert, a fight ensues where Karadin will meet his end. If Geralt chooses to take no part in Lambert's revenge, he tells Lambert that "he may do with Karadin as he wishes", but he will take no part in it.

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Trivia Edit

  • In the Polish edition of the game, his name is Bertram Tauler, as a homage to a character from Andrzej Sapkowski's "Narrenturm" trilogy, Berengar Tauler.
  • Voiced by Rudolf de Jonkheer.
  • A letter from Karadin can be found near Hammond where Karadin refuses to do any further business with him.