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This page lists all items that can appear in your inventory.


Icon Name Wgt Val
No image Buckthorn  ?  ?


Icon Name Wgt Val
No image Chitinous Shell  ?  ?
Coal Coal 0.01 2


Icon Name Wgt Val
No image Dark Iron Ingot  ?  ?
Dark iron ore Dark Iron Ore 0.01 23
No image Dark Steel Ingot  ?  ?
No image Dark Steel Plate  ?  ?
No image Dimeritium Ingot  ?  ?
Dimeritium ore Dimeritium Ore 0.01162
No image Dimeritium Plate  ?  ?
No image Draconid Leather  ?  ?


Icon Name Wgt Val
No image Glowing Ore Ingot  ?  ?


Icon Name Wgt Val
Hardened leather Hardened Leather 0.01 66


Icon Name Wgt Val
Iron ingot Iron Ingot 0.01 4


Icon Name Wgt Val
Linen Linen 0.01 16


Icon Name Wgt Val
Monster blood Monster Blood 0.01 15
Monster bone Monster Bone 0.01 15
Monster brain Monster Brain 0.01 15
Monster claw Monster Claw 0.01 15
Monster liver Monster Liver 0.01 15
Monster salva Monster Salva 0.01 15
Monster tooth Monster Tooth 0.01 15


Icon Name Wgt Val
Ruby dust Ruby Dust 0.01100


Icon Name Wgt Val
No image Silk  ?  ?
Silver ingot Silver Ingot 0.01 50
Silver ore Silver Ore 0.01 25
Steel ingot Steel Ingot 0.01 6
Steel plates Steel Plates 0.01 12
String String 0.01 8


Icon Name Wgt Val
No image Thread  ?  ?


Icon Name Wgt Val
Venom extract Venom Extract 0.01 15


Icon Name Wgt Val
Wire Wire0.01 6

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