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Other help pages can be found via Help:Contents

Why are these item pages using templates?Edit


The item pages are using templates to:

  • give all item pages the same layout.
  • keep price information on the item pages and the merchant pages consistent.

If items are inserted, updated or removed in the price list of a merchant, this information is changed 'automagically' on the corresponding item pages. A detailed explanation of how this magic works can be found here

How can I change a purchase or sales price on an item page?Edit

# Remember the name of the item.
  1. Click on the name of the merchant.
  2. Click the edit button.
  3. Search the item name in the template call Price list.
  4. Behind the link to the item there are 2 numbers. The first is the purchase price, the second the sales price. Change these numbers as required.
  5. Publish the merchant page, check your changes.


  1. Click on the name of the item.
  2. Click the edit button.
  3. Publish the page, verify your changes.

How can I add a merchant to the trading table of an item page?Edit


How can I remove a merchant from the trading table of an item page?Edit


How does an item get it's trading table?Edit

Simple answer:
We've build in a piece of software ("template") in the item and the merchant pages. This makes an item page invoke the Merchants page to get the trading table for that item, and the Merchants page to invoke all merchant pages to get that merchant prices for that item.
Technical answer:
Refer to the UML sequence diagram below. Click on the template links in the text below for more detailed documentation on a certain template.
  1. An item such as Dwarven Spirit (Witcher 3) calls Merchants with it's item name as parameter value.
  2. Merchants calls Template:Merchants with the given item name and the list of merchants as parameters.
  3. Template:Merchants calls those merchants 1 by 1 with the given item name as parameter value. Some of those calls output 2 table cells with prices. Template:Merchants adds the name of the merchant and outputs the table.
  4. The merchant page calls the Template:Price list with the given item name and the list of items the merchant buys or sells as parameters.
  5. The Template:Price list calls Template:Price list price for each item in the given price list with the given item name and the price list item.
  6. The Template:Price list price calls Template:Price list field to parse the given price list item. If the given item name matches the item name from the price list item Template:Price list field outputs 2 table cells with the item's prices, otherwise it outputs nothing.
Sdedit trading table

How to increase the number of items Template:Price list supports?Edit


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