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Iskra (or Spark), whose real name was Aenyeweddien or Child of fire in Elder Speech, was an elf and one of the members of the Rats. She was mysteriously abandoned by her mates and was forced to find a traveling companion to servive. Luckily, in a wood, she found Giselher injured by a arrow. She saved him and healed his wound. They became thus companions and later lovers. They then met Reef, Kayleigh, Asse and Mistle during the holiday of Lammas in a village of Geso and formed a gang. She had dark, luxurious hair and huge, bright almond-shaped eyes. She liked to adorn herself with jewelry.

She was killed, along with the entire gang, with the exception of Ciri, at the hands of Leo Bonhart in Jealousy.

Notes Edit

In Polish, "iskra" means "spark" or "twinkle", so her nickname is merely a simplification of her true name.