Iron Maiden is a secondary quest in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Walkthrough Edit

Directly east of Harviken, a village on Faroe Isle, Geralt found a small arena atop a hill. There he also found a group of warriors, and among them a warrior woman who calls herself Jutta an Dimun. She claims she has defeated Faroe's most famous warriors and has never been bested.

If Geralt decides to fight her, she will question the fame of the one named Geralt of Rivia if he is worthy to challenge her. She will ask the witcher to either find a fitting sword she could use or defeat a worthy opponent of hers named Gundar in Harviken. If the witcher has already proven himself worthy by killing the slaver leader in the quest, Flesh for sale, or if Einar has already been beaten by Geralt in the quest, Fists of Fury: Skellige, she will acknowledge Geralt to be a worthy opponent and fight him on the spot.

If Jutta asked the witcher for the famed sword that cannot be chipped known as Hoskuld's sword from the sunken wreck of Horned Hoskuld's longship. He will have to travel to the far end of the road on the western coasts of Faroe near the small islands west of the island and dive to retrieve it while fending off sirens and ekhidnae. If Jutta asked Geralt to fight Gundar, he can find him sitting on a bench in Harviken near the harbor and the arena for Fists of Fury: Skellige. Gundar can explain to Geralt that Jutta seems unapproachable but only awaits a man she can't defeat to be able to woo her. He also sees that Jutta telling Geralt to fight him can also mean that if he beats the witcher that he can also get a chance to fight Jutta again. The witcher must then fight Gundar in a sword fight in Harviken's arena where he must not leave the arena to win.

Once the witcher has performed whichever feat even if it was not what he was asked to do, he can return to Jutta back on the hilltop arena. Whether Geralt tells her she's beaten Gundar or found Hoskuld's sword, she'll be surprised and allow Geralt to finally fight her. If the witcher then refuses to fight, she will begrudgingly refuse the witcher to fight her anymore ever. This is although not true since the witcher can still talk to her and repeat the conversation. The witcher can then now fight Jutta in a sword battle and beat her but if Geralt uses his witcher signs, crossbow, bombs, or any potions, the quest will fail resulting in her complaining that it was a fraud to use magic against one woman. Once Geralt does cut her down to a significant portion of her health, she'll yield (25 Tw3 icon xp) and ask the witcher where he learned his skills. The witcher can then tell her about Kaer Morhen or not to which Jutta will offer him to tell her of his travels and invite him back for some good mead. If Geralt refuses her offer, she'll be shocked though happily see him off on the path but the quest will fail. If the witcher accepts, she'll invite Geralt to her home in Harviken after dusk.

Once at her home at dusk just next to where Gundar was at the arena at Harviken, the witcher can chat with Jutta and she'll reveal that she's sworn to the goddess, Freya, that only a man who's bested her can lie with her to be his wife and have children with her. Should the witcher push for the idea to lie with her, he can bed her and the quest will complete. If Geralt mentions he was the wrong guy to beat her that witchers couldn't sire children and suggest to her that she could search the other isles in Skellige for a worthy man. Jutta will agree that it was time to leave Faroe and the quest will end with Geralt wishing her well.

Journal entry Edit

In one of Skellige's famed arenas Geralt met an undefeated warrior named Jutta and decided to try his strength against her. Before he could do so, however, he had to complete several tasks to prove he was a worthy opponent.
If Geralt loses to Jutta:
Geralt did everything Jutta asked and in the end was granted the right to face her in combat. Though Geralt put up a brave fight, the warrior woman defeated him. Forced to savor the bitter taste of defeat, Geralt left the arena.
If Geralt defeats Jutta:
Geralt did everything Jutta asked and in the end was granted the right to face her in combat. Jutta proved a fierce and demanding opponent, but Geralt still was able to best her. Enchanted by his strength and manliness, Jutta asked the witcher to join her for a rendez-vous on the beach.
If Geralt declines her offer:
Yet Geralt had no desire to get to know her any better and so thanked her for a fight well fought and continued on his way.
If Geralt accepts and spends an intimate evening with her:
Both Jutta and her proposition were to Geralt's liking, so he agreed to meet.
The warrior woman turned out to be just as deft with words as with a sword. It quickly became clear, however, that she had planned on doing more than just converse that evening. And you know our dear Geralt - he's never one to refuse a beautiful woman. They passed a very pleasant evening with a particularly spicy finale.
If Geralt accepts but just talks with her in the evening:
Both Jutta and her proposition were to Geralt's liking, so he agreed to meet.
The warrior woman turned out to be just as deft with words as with a sword. Though she clearly was hoping for more than just conversation, Geralt had other plans, thanked her for the good time and continued on his way.

Objectives Edit

  • Complete Jutta's task or become famous on Faroe Isle by completing one of the following tasks:
    • Look for the sword Jutta requested in the sunken ship's wreck using your Witcher Senses.
    • Defeat Gundar.
    • Kill the slavers during the quest Flesh for Sale.
    • Defeat Einar of Harviken during the Fists of Fury: Skellige quest. If you have already defeated Olaf, she will acknowledge that instead.
  • Tell Jutta you have performed the feat.
  • Defeat Jutta.
  • Meet Jutta at her home after dusk.

Notes Edit

  • Using the crossbow, throwing bombs or casting signs other than Quen during the fight with Jutta will fail the quest.
  • The use of potions is blocked during the fight, however, the effects of any potions imbibed prior to the fight will continue to be active.
  • Since you may still consume food/drink during the fight, the skill "Gourmet" may prove useful.