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Associated questEdit

Journal entry Edit

...that was right before dusk. Then a witcher showed, dirty and unshaven and stinking worse than a fisherman from Faroe. Asked for a room and a bucket of water so's he could freshen up some. First I didn't want to let him in, on account of the bloody sack he was carrying, but then it came out he had arranged to meet Jorgen Iron Hand here – and a friend of Jorgen's a friend of mine...[illegible]
Sun had long set by the time Jorgen showed. Witcher handed him that sack and we all learned why it stank so bad – inside was the head of a siren. Jorgen had contracted the witcher to take it down after it attacked some folk in a cave in the northwestern part of Spikeroog. Seeing it dead cheered folk awful fast, and Jorgen, happy as a clam, started buying everybody rounds. The witcher refrained at first, saying he was off to take care of a striga that's infested the ruins of a fortress on the northern edge of the isle, but in the end he gave in – after all, there's no refusing Jorgen...[illegible]
...made a lovely heap of coin that day, for the sun started rising and not a man had gone home. The witcher got drunk with Jorgen and started telling us tales, then we sat down for some gwent. That Gerd, he might be a first-class warrior, but he's one lousy card player. Lost half his reward for that siren to me (and drank the other half), then, wanting to win it back, he wagered a diagram for some kind of steel sword. To my eye it was a scrap of rubbish, but fuck it, some thigns you gotta do for the sake of sportsmanship and camaraderie, so I accepted the wager...[illegible]

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