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Template-info Documentation


This is a template used for states, kingdoms and other government units.

|name =
|image-flag = 
|image-flag-frame = 
|image-flag-size = 
|image-flag-text = 
|article-flag = 
|image-coa = 
|image-coa-size = 
|image-coa-text = 
|article-coa = 
|official-language = 
|capital = 
|demonym = 
|seat-of-government = 
|form-of-government = 
|system-of-government = 
|status =
|head-of-state = 
|currency = 
|notes = 
|image-location = 
|image-location-size = 
|image-location-description = 
|image-map = 
|image-map-size = 
|image-map-description = 


Kingdom of Temeria
Flag Temeria File:COA Temeria.svg
Flag Coat of Arms
Official language
Common Speech
Temerian • Lilies (informal)
Form of government
independent kingdom /
conquered by Nilfgaardian Empire (In The Witcher 3)
Head of State
King Foltest
Anais/King Radovid V. (In The Witcher 2)
(in Gors Velen: noble and groat)
Geographical position
Places Temeria
Detail of the The Witcher map
Game world map
Map of Vizima in The Wicher 1

The previous code is creating the following infobox (see right).

|name = Kingdom of Temeria
|image-flag = Flag_Temeria.png
|image-flag-frame = 
|image-flag-size = 150px
|image-flag-text = 
|article-flag = #Flag
|image-coa = COA_Temeria.svg
|image-coa-size = 80px
|image-coa-text = 
|article-coa = #Heraldry
|official-language = [[Common Speech]]
|capital = [[Vizima]]
|demonym = Temerian • ''Lilies'' (informal)
|seat-of-government = 
|form-of-government = [[:Category:Kingdoms|Monarchy]]
|system-of-government = 
|status = independent kingdom /<br>conquered by [[Nilfgaardian Empire]] (In The Witcher 3)
|head-of-state = King [[Foltest]]<br>[[Anais La Valette|Anais]]/[[Radovid the Stern|King Radovid V.]] (In The Witcher 2)
|currency = [[Oren]]<br>(in [[Gors Velen]]: [[noble]] and [[groat]])
|notes = 
|image-location = Places_Temeria.png
|image-location-size = 
|image-location-description = Detail of the The Witcher map
|image-map = Game world map.jpg
|image-map-size = 
|image-map-description = Map of Vizima in The Wicher 1

This is the documentation page, it should be transcluded into the main template page. See Template:Doc for more information.

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