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The Imperial Army of the Nilfgaardian Empire is, without doubt, one of the most well trained fighting force on the Continent. Boasting from the lower ranks, to the higher nobles involved within the Military, the men are well versed in the art of combat.

The army count during the 2nd Northern War was ca. 320,000, as 300,000 attacked the Northern Kingdoms, while the remaining 20,000 — 50,000 remained in the Empire to defend core provinces like Nilfgaard, Etolia, Gemmera or / and Vicovaro.

While the Army is officially led by the Emperor, a high-ranking officer known as a Field Marshal leads the men in the field. During greater conquests and invasions (like that of the North) armies are normally divided to groups.

Groupings Edit

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Tw3 Nilfgaardian fleet

Nilfgaardians boats in Undvik