Yes, hmm... Mention can also be found, in the great books, of the subspecies "Pseudohyphydra", which lives in the marshy waters of Angren. However, the learned Bumbler of Aldersberg recently proved that this is an entirely different species, from the "Morididae" family. It feeds exclusively on fish and small amphibians. I has been named "Ichtyovorax bumbleri".
pg. 177, Blood of Elves (UK edition)
Zyrytwa RPG

Ilyocoris attacking nereid

The ilyocoris, called cinerea in Elder Speech, is a ravenous aquatic creature which inhabits the swamps of Angren. Its skin is brownish in colour and its body is long and flat.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt cut content Edit

Żyrytwa were supposed to appear in the third game during its development in 2013 - 2014 but was removed around this time.[1]

Information from leaked materialsEdit

Shellfish like monster, living in the water or near the water.
They poison the victims. Although they live in larger groups, they attack separately and have no specialized roles.

  • Role in the group: Invidual
  • Preferred behavior: aggressive - chases the opponent and attacks.
  • Special attacks and actions:
    • Fast attacks - when in close range, he attacks with fast paced strikes, dealing medium damage.
    • Rage attack - Żyrytwa probes the air with it's antennae (a tell animation). If a target is in the close attack range, Żyrytwa performs a rage attack with it's pliers (several fast and furious attacks dealing high damage).
    • Swarm of Hyphydriae - Żyrytwa can release it's offspring living in her. Couple of young Hyphydriae are spawned and begin to fight with the enemies.
  • Defence:
    • Block with pliers - Żyrytwa can block incoming damage with it's pliers and performs a counter attack afterwards.
    • Thick chitin armor - gives Żyrytwa very good armor protection.
    • Rarely plays hit animations as it doesn't feel pain (doesn't play hit animations when attacking).
  • Vital points:
    • Instant kill:
      • Piercing book lungs (PL: płucotchawki) - causes the monster to suffocate and die - it still tries to attack for a while, as it doesn't feel pain (cost: 5 points). This vital spot is available only after destroying the chitin armor.
    • Protection:
      • Destroy chitin armor - after destroying chitin armor, the armor level of Żyrytwa is decreased, also the Book lungs and Abdominal artery vital spots appear (cost: 3 points).
    • Critical effect/disable ability:
      • Cutting off the eggs cluster - player can cut off the eggs cluster which disables the Swarm Hyphydriae ability (cost: 3 points).
      • Cutting off the antennae - disables Rage attack (cost: 2 points).
    • Massive damage
      • Piercing abdominal artery - it appears after destroying the Chitin armor, piercing this artery causes a long term Bleeding effect on Żyrytwa (cost: 1 point).
  • Immune to: Silver and Aard-like forces, Igni causes minimal damage, because the creature lives in the shallow water, poisoning and bleeding
  • Vulnerable to: Steel, Yrden

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