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Geralt finds Ilsa

Ilsa was a woman from the Outskirts of Vizima whom the guard, Mikul, fancied. Hers is but one sad story Geralt uncovers during his stay in the Outskirts.

Associated quests Edit

Notes Edit

  • She has the same model and texture as Vesna.
  • Ilsa's corpse can be found inside the crypt during the Ghoul Contract, an empty glass vial in her hand.
  • Near the end of the chapter, it is implied that the Salamandra thugs had their way with her, and Abigail accuses Mikul of raping her, too. One might say that what comes out of Alvin's mouth during the "spell" Abigail casts on him in order to find out why the Beast haunts the Outskirts also refers to that incident.
  • The poison Ilsa used to take her own life came from Abigail.
Significant plot details end here.

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