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Hugo Hoff, alias Beef Patty, is a professional thief. Geralt can choose to use his services or those of Eveline Gallo.

Journal entry Edit

Geralt needed someone who could scale the glass-smooth wall of the tower abutting the Borsodis' Auction House. Once of the few capable of this was Hugo Hoff, alias "Beef Patty"" -- a halfling with countless break-ins and robberies under his belt. Geralt was told to look for him in Oxenfurt, whose seedy taverns served as watering grounds for students and criminals alike.
Sadly, it turned out Hugo Hoff was in no condition to join Geralt's crew. The halfing must have stepped on some powerful toes, for someone had slapped stone slippers on him and taken him for a long walk off a short pier - and into the Pontar.

Associated quests Edit

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