The Varnhagens are the clan who established the fortress at Sarda. Remiz was once employed by them. They were sworn enemies of the Sweers family. As it happens, this age-old vendetta was settled (quite finally for both sides), when the knights faced off against one another en route between the Korath desert and Glyswen. Neither of them lived to see the final outcome of their duel.

Clan members Edit

From Time of Contempt (Andrzej Sapkowski) Edit

The horsemen came closer. At their head, on a powerful grey, rode a giant of a man in a glittering blue, enamelled suit of armour. Close behind him rode a second armoured horseman, while two more in simple, dun costumes - clearly servants - brought up the rear.
— pg(s). 292, Time of Contempt (UK edition)
"(...). There's an ancestral vendetta and blood feud between the Sweers and the Varnhagens. (...)"
— pg(s). 292, Time of Contempt (UK edition)