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House of Raven or House of Cerbin was noble house long time ruling Kingdom of Cintra and its fiefs. Dynasty was founded by Cerbin (known as Raven) of Cintra. Its members were called as the Sons (or the Daughters) of the Raven.

History Edit

Ceran from this House was founder of second ruling dynasty in Lyria and Rivia. By Calanthe it has ties to Clan Tuirseach from Skellige and accidentally by Pavetta to House of Emreis from Nilfgaard.

Family members Edit




Cintran monarchs
COA Cintra

COA Cintra2

CerbinCorrelCoram ICoram IICorbettDagoradCalantheRoegnerEist TuirseachEmhyr var Emreis
Becca of NazairEschiva of SoddenRigoberta of LyriaFiona of TemeriaElen of KaedwenAdaliaCalanthe • "Cirilla"
Other members of the royal family
Cirra of CintraPavettaCirilla

Notes & references Edit

  1. in The Witcher game series

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