House of Maribor [1] also referred to as the House of La Louve [2] a cadet branch of the Dezmodian dynasty.

They fully succeeded the House of Dezmod (or "Direct Dezmodes") to the Vizima throne after War of Daggers when they defeated House of Ellander, and were the royal house of Temeria from 9-10th century [3] to 1272.[4]

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  1. According to Wiedźmin: Gra Wyobraźni, Duchy of Maribor and branch from there become ruling dynasty after prime line of Dezmodes
  2. This name appears in game (the Witcher 3) but it's incorrect as La Louve ("she-wolf" in French) was the nickname of only one of monarchs (queen Bienvenu) and not of entire dynasty in novel series.
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