Tw3 Hortense 2

Hortense Vineyard is one of the renowned vineyards of Duchy of Toussaint. Place is initially an abandoned site overrun by giant centipedes, until Geralt shows up. After the estate has been made safe, the herbalist appears.

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Tw3 Hortense
Toussaint can boast many world-famous vineyards, such as Castel Ravello, Pomerol, Vermentino and Tufo. Their owners take great care to maintain the time-tested traditions and heirloom recipes on which the reputation of the wines they produce rests. But Toussaint is also home to numerous smaller vineyards which do not even possess their own crests and whose wines have yet to win any particular renown, making it difficult to say much about them. Hortense is just such a place.