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Texture replacement for the Elven Jacket. This gives you a hoodless Elven Jacket with a similar appearance to the original. As the Elven Jacket is not readily available in the game, there's an alternative set of files that will put the texture on the Hardened Leather Jacket (purchasable from Sendler) instead.


Unpack to CookedPC. The file paths should be


To uninstall: remove the above files from your CookedPC folder. Installing this mod will also change the color of the Kaedweni Jacket in, as it was used as the base template.

There are possible conflicts with other mods that change armor appearances. If you need to modify def_item_armor manually, the lines are:

item name "Elven Armor" - change the equip_template value to "08_kaedwenian_jacket"
Item name "Hardened Leather Jacket" - change the equip_template value to "08_kaedwenian_jacket" and the belt to belt_3

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