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Hjort is a druid, and an advisor to Udalryk, the jarl of Spikeroog. He appears in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Journal entry Edit

It is my humble opinion that the most one can learn from staring at the innards of a gutted animal is whether the poor beast was infested with parasites. Nevertheless, Hjort, like many other druids of Skellige, placed a great deal of trust in both haruspicy and chiromancy (and oneiromancy as well, though that's more understandable, dreams being the royal route to one's soul).
Word was that he commanded a great deal of respect and esteem amongst his fellow practitioners, having more than once accurately prophesied the future and interpreted the meaning of obtuse dreams. This druid was devoted to Clan Brokvar with all his heart, and his knowledge and ability made him an excellent advisor, one in whom the jarl of Spikeroog, Udalryk of Clan Brokvar, placed a great deal of trust.
Hjort had tried to alleviate the suffering brought on by his jarl's strange condition, but despite his efforts no progress was made in stopping the decline in Udalryk's mental health.

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