Hindarsfjall is one of the islands in the Skellige archipelago. There, one can find the sacred grove Hindar and Temple of Freya which is tended by the priestess Sigrdrifa. When Ciri goes missing Yennefer and Crach visit the island to speak with the priestesses of the Temple of Freya.

While the island is much larger than either Faroe Isle and An Skellig in the game, Hindarsfjall is named as the smallest island in the books.

The Witcher 3: Wild HuntEdit

Ciri teleports to the island and is treated at a home in the village of Lofoten, and afterwards briefly visits the local sauna before leaving. Upon leaving however, the Wild Hunt attacks the village. Ciri manages to flee the village on horseback with the help of Skjall.

Sometime later Yennefer and Geralt visit this village whilst searching for Ciri learning that she was there and in the presence of Skjall, whom had since one to sacred gardens to fight Morkvarg and died. Geralt finds Skjall's body and Yennefer performs necromancy on it to discover information about Ciri, but ultimately killing the energy from the garden. For this the priestesses command that no one on Skellige is permitted to feed, shelter or help Yennefer.

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