Highwayman's Cache is official name for a minor secondary quest available in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Summary Edit

A little farther east than the Boatmakers’ Hut in southeast of Crow’s Perch is a trail leading to a bridge over to Bandits’ Camp, a wooded island of thugs and thievery. Guarding the bridge are three bandits, who don’t attack but instead engage you in conversation. They want your coin to pass safely over the bridge. You can:  

  • Tell them to try and take your coin, which starts a fight—defeat three bandits.
  • Show them your medallion, which causes one of the bandits pause for thought. They recognize who you are, think better of challenging you, and depart without incident.

The quest now concludes. But what of the highwayman’s cache? Use your Witcher Senses at the campfire near the bridge entrance, and follow some footprints to a partly-hidden chest in the rushes and weeds under the bridge footing. Pry it open for some coin and a diagram.