Hidden in the Depths is a treasure hunt quest in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Walkthrough Edit

While exploring the southern coasts of Faroe southwest of Harviken, Geralt found signs of a hidden treasure in the form of a dead skelliger guarded by an endrega worker near a cave. The dead man held with him a Message, a Scratched key, and a couple of florens. The message indicated a couple of pirate raiders ready to raid the Continent and hiding treasure from another named Jorre after they'd been cheated.

The witcher decided to head in the flooded cavern hoping to find the treasure untouched. As Geralt swam through the cave waters, he resurfaced to find himself in front of some very dangerous endrega drones and a glowing Venomous Arachas. After dealing with them or simply sneaking by a corner of the cave, the witcher finally found the treasure chest and unlocked it of its contents.

Bug Edit

  • The quest completes immediately after reading the letter, without directing you to loot the chest in the cavern. Nevertheless, the journal entry updates to say that the chest has been looted.

Objectives Edit

  • Read the letter you found.

Journal entry Edit

They say one can hardly spit in Skellige without splashing a pirate or a pirate's treasure. Geralt's adventures confirmed the wisdom of this proverb several times over. For example, one day he happened across a letter indicating the location of some hidden plundered booty...

We hid the treasure, and hid it good – no one's gonna find it, not in a million years. Writing exactly where and how would be plain foolish. So let's just say it's high time you return to our old puffin hunting grounds.

Soon as you join us, we sail to the Continent. We gotta to hurry. They say Jorre swore to the gods he wouldn't rest tell he's found us, flayed us and took back his treasure. Hypocrite bastard. He could have split it evenly, like we first agreed. But no. He wanted to cheat us. And then got what was coming to him. Fucking weasel.

– Vrogg

P.S. When you get there, keep your sword at the ready. Those are dangerous waters.
When Geralt entered the underground cavern, he had to admit it was an excellent hiding place. Perhaps too excellent, in fact – the treasure mentioned in the letter was still there, and it seemed this Njall fellow had never come to collect it.