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Hidden Messages of the Nilfgaardian Kind is a secondary quest in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt available in the city of Novigrad. To start the quest you need to walk down a street in the Bits section of Novigrad after completing the Never Trust Children side quest as well as re-entering the city. There are some hostile henchmen nearby behind a low wall. Geralt will exclaim seemingly out of nowhere when he sees someone place a note behind a brick in the wall near him. Using witcher vision, you can see a red brick nearby. Looting this brick starts the quest.</p>

Quest DescriptionEdit

"During his travels through Novigrad the witcher witnessed an extraordinary event. Right before his eyes a mysterious man put something in a hidden dropbox located in the wall of a building. Geralt looked into the box and found a note which directed him to the next location where secret notes were left."

Additional InfoEdit

After finding the last cache, the following is added to the quest information:

"Geralt followed the thread back to its source and wound up at a place where Nilfgaardian spies loaded and unloaded contraband. Geralt might not take a keen interest in politics, but he noted the emperor certainly seemed to be taking a keen interest in Novigrad."

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