Hertch in the northeastern Kaedwen, its according to Zdrada graphic novel mountainous region.

Regions and landmarks Edit

Behind the scenes Edit

The name is unclear due to ambiguous Polish declension and using all caps in the whole sentences in the comics. The sentence "WSKAŻ MI DROGĘ W GÓRY HERTCHU" could be translated both as "Show me the way to the mountains of Hertch" or "Show me the way to the Hertchu Mountains".

However, the phrase is most probably an Easter egg referring to Funky Koval, another comic series of Parowski&Polch duet, where the sentence "tymczasem w górach Hertchu" ("meanwhile in the mountains of Hertch") is said to be an allusion to Harz, mountain range in the Northern Germany. Since the genitive case of Harz in Polish is "Harzu", I assume that "Hertchu" is genitive case of "Hertch".