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Hemdall is a mythical hero. According to the beliefs of the inhabitants of Skellige, there is a magical golden rooster known as Kambi whose task it is to awaken Hemdall before the final battle of good and evil, known as "Ragh nar Roog". Hemdall is then said to answer that call and fight the forces of Chaos, which will inevitably end all of creation.

Blood and Wine Expansion Edit

In the second expansion for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, there is a gwent card that bears his image and name.

Behind the scenes Edit

It appears that Hemdall is loosely based on Heimdallr, a god from Norse Mythology. There is also possibility that he could also be based on the legend of Holger Danske, a statue of a warrior sitting in the basement of a Danish palace, according to legend he will come alive and defend Denmark when it's under attack

Notes & references Edit

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External links Edit

  • Gwent icon See the GWENT standalone game version card: Hemdall