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Heavy weapons also known as Large weapons can not be used in Witcher styles, but serve their occasional purpose in battle or in the form of orens when sold. Enemies who have less than 33% of their vitality left may be stunned and/or knocked down by any heavy weapon attack. Nevertheless, as with short weapons, they can not be used in Stun-finishers, meaning that while Geralt performs a finishing move, only increased damage is dealt but the opponent will not die as a result unless the damage exceeds current vitality.

Axes Edit

Large Axes can cause the critical effect: Bleeding. For the most part they are carried by bandits.

Axe Edit

Can be found in a crate in the armory at Kaer Morhen as well as several other places.

Weapons Axe Stats
Damage 5 − 15* Chance of critical effect: Bleeding + 40%

Looks like a regular wood-chopper axe.

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Mahakaman two-handed axe Edit

One can be found in a sarcophagus in the crypt by the Lakeside, along with a piece of armour used in the Armor quest.

Weapons Mahakaman 2-handed axe Stats
Damage 9 − 27* Chance of critical effect: Bleeding + 60%

Looks like a huge two-edged axe.

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Two-handed steel axe Edit

Can be found in the swamp cave and also in an ancient crypt in the swamp cemetery.

Weapons Two-handed steel axe Stats
Damage 8 − 22* Chance of critical effect: Bleeding + 50%

Looks like a fireaxe.

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Clubs Edit

Clubs tend to be mostly carried by thugs, but Azar Javed does wield two huge maces, and Greater brothers do so as well.

Heavy club Edit

These weapons are mostly carried by thugs in Chapter I and Ramsmeat's bouncers in Chapter II. They can also be found in several shops. While not specifically listed in the weapon stats, a Heavy club will fatally knockdown barghests, for example.

Weapons Heavy club Stats
Damage 4 − 12* No extra stats

Looks like a huge spiked club.

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Two-handed morningstar Edit

They are mostly carried by thugs. Can be found several places i.e. shops.

Weapons Two-handed Morning star Stats
Damage 6 − 18* Chance of critical effect: Stun + 10%

Looks like a huge full-metal morningstar.

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