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This Hazardous Goods is a fairly simple mission in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, as your riding down a road near a settlement you come across a cart full of dead plague victims and several ghouls running around.

Summary Edit

Kill the ghouls and turns out there's a person trapped under the cart. You help Gert Borel out from under the cart and can end up using the dialogue choices to convince him to burn his cart and the dead bodies. You suggest to the guy he go burn his clothes and scrub himself off as he was stuck under plague victims for some time. He refuses adamant he won't get sick because he never gets ill.

You both go your separate ways until you find him some time later between Reardon Manor and Benek between several Nekker nests. At this point you talk to him and discover he did indeed catch the plague, he then asks you to kill him thus sparing him the misery. You can either choose to kill him or not. There are no known further repercussions to either choice.    

Journal entry Edit

On one of Velen's muddy roads Geralt came across an unfortunate soul trapped under his cart. The man had had an accident while hauling corpses of plague victims. The witcher decided to help him.
Geralt helped the man right his cart. He also advised him to burn everything he was wearing and give his body a good scrubbing, yet the man brushed off this bit of sage counsel, claiming no contagion could touch him.

Walkthrough Edit

  • Fight the Ghouls
  • Talk to Gert Borel about the wagon and the plague victims he's transporting
    • Although Borel is convinced he is somehow immune to every illness, Geralt doesn't think so and can talk the man into burning the wagon.
    • Doing so gives Geralt additional 10Tw3 icon xp.
  • Geralt can also leave in saying "Time I was on my way".

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