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Haunted House is one of the secondary quests available in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt while in Free City of Novigrad.

Journal entry Edit

While strolling the bustling streets of Novigrad, Geralt came across a most intriguing notice. It suggested the man named de Jonkheer had sold some poor fool the house which Sara, the lovable yet mischievous godling used as her dwelling and playground. The notice made it clear the new owner was not amused by his unwanted tenant's pranks. Geralt decided to check up on how Sara and see how she was doing...
Geralt wasn't sure what he expected to find in the "haunted house" – but it sure wasn't that. The dreamer, having learned about Sara from Geralt, had decided to get to know her. They soon became fast friends and had begun living together in the de Jonkheer's former property. Corinne cared for the godling, and Sara made sure the home did not lose its haunted reputation.

Walkthough Edit

  • Visit the haunted house again

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