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Haren Brogg is a local merchant and dice poker enthusiast who lives in the fishing village in the Outskirts. His demeanour changes to suit the occasion, so the first impression of him is not one which inspires much trust. Since the Enhanced Edition of the game, he also now stutters.

He appears to have dealings with hawkers, but the exact nature of the dealings is unclear. Is he a hawker? It is also possible that he has sold out Squirrels for gold.

He also recognizes Zoltan's name.

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Journal entry Edit

Haren Brogg is a suspicious character who fears only the Reverend. He sneers at the law and surrounds himself with thugs who protect his shady dealings.

Brogg lives in the Outskirts, in a little lakeside settlement that he rules outright. He never strays far from his home. Brogg runs a store trading in weapons and alchemical ingredients used to produce bombs.

Significant plot details end here.

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