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No one knows how he got his nickname – no one's dared to ask.
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- Saying, Gwent: The Witcher Card Game

Harald an Craite, popularly called "the Cripple", was King of the Skellige Isles from Clan an Craite who ruled Skellige in the 9th century.

Biography Edit

Becoming the Cripple Edit

As a warrior, Harald was thoroughly unremarkable. Then a bear mangled his leg and the bone healed back crooked. After that, each step caused him agonizing pain and he began to fight better than ever before. He claimed the grit of constant suffering had honed an unstoppable edge.

Harald lived his entire life in excruciating pain, making him somewhat of an expert on the subject. This expertise extended to inflicting pain on others as well. He knew very well where to strike to cause the greatest possible suffering, to evoke the most gut-wrenching screams and soon his foes would throw down their arms as soon as they heard his name.[1]

Reign Edit

A member of the an Craite clan, he seized lands in southern part of Ard Skellig originally belonging to Clan Drummond. Animosity and conflict between the two clans persist to this day.[2]

When leading a raid, the backbone of Harald's army consisted of axemen from Clan Tuirseach. These warriors thrived off bloodshed, seemingly growing faster, stronger and more resilient with every foe they slew. Harald's opponents knew they needed either to incapacitate the axemen in the heat of the battle or risk dying by their hands.[1]

Legacy Edit

Since the reign of Harald the Cripple, cadets at Nilfgaard's officer academy are drilled in the following rule: only strike a Skelliger if you're confident your blow is deadly because if it merely wounds you may regret it quickly.[1]

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