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A half-elf is a child of a human and an elf or of two half-elves. Half-elves inherit characteristics of both their parent races, but are treated with distrust and often contempt by both elves and humans. A human with ¼ of elven blood is called a quadroon.

Notable half-elves Edit

The Witcher (PC) Edit

During the quest "A Ghost Story", Geralt rescues a half-elf from a gang of thugs who have been holding her against her will in an abandoned house in the slums of the Temple Quarter. Geralt is lured there under false pretences and the group of miscreants try to ambush the witcher when he arrives.

As Geralt quickly points out, this was a particularly badly calculated move: trying to ambush a known witcher, of all people! As usual, it takes no time at all to dispatch the unfortunate crew and rescue the damsel. The following journal entry is the direct result of this rescue and its subsequent reward.

Journal Entry Edit

"Vizima is also home to half-elves, born of unions between humans and elves. Female half-elves are possessed of a delicate, inimitable beauty. Many are fluent in the Elder Language."

Romance card Edit

After Geralt saves her in "A Ghost Story," he can speak with her to get her card. She can be found in a house almost exactly opposite Vivaldi's place, across a small barrier (you can enter this part of the green light district from the St. Lebioda's hospital side).

Video Edit

Half-elf quest03:01

Half-elf quest

Gallery Edit

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