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Tw3 gwent morale

Gwent Morale boost cards add +1 strength to all units in the row in which they are played, excluding themselves.

List of gwent morale boost cards Edit

Icon Name (no. of cards) Type Combat row Strength Location Deck
Tw3 gwent card back siege
Kaedweni Siege Expert Unit
Tw3 gwent siege
1 Part of the base deck
Tw3 gwent deck Northern Realms
Tw3 gwent card back soldier
Isengrim Faoiltiarna Hero
Tw3 gwent close combat
10 during A Dangerous Game, looted from Zed's house
Tw3 gwent deck Scoiatael
Tw3 gwent card back ranged
Milva Unit
Tw3 gwent ranged combat
10 during A Matter of Life and Death, win a match at the masquerade ball at the Vegelbud Estate
Tw3 gwent deck Scoiatael
Tw3 gwent card back ranged
Kayran Hero
Tw3 gwent close-ranged
8 Random, from playing a craftsman or merchant
Tw3 gwent deck Monsters

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