Despite the war-torn nightmare of Velen and No Man’s Land, there are some significant players in this region—usually folk you already know and have spoken to during quests or those well known in the area.

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Either find a settlement or location where your opponent is, or a Notice Board letter requesting you to beat them in order to win a unique card.  

In this example, there’s a notice pinned to the board at Crow’s Perch, challenging you to a match with the Bloody Baron himself. Offer to play him, beat him in a game, and you acquire his card—in this case the Sigismund Dijkstra card. Then, a subsequent Gwent player becomes available (but not until the first is defeated).[1] 

Journal entry Edit

Though you might think it unlikely, even war-ravaged Velen boasted many prominent gwent players. They possessed certain valuable cards which Geralt wished to add to his collection. To do that, he needed to defeat them. The first on his "To Fleece" list: the Bloody Baron.
In the end, Geralt crossed every name off his list and acquired all the valuable cards he sought.

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  • As of Patch 1.05, if you didn't play the Baron before completing Return to Crookback Bog, you can still retrieve his card and the list of other players from his office.
  • As of Patch 1.31, If you have not collected the unique Gwent card from the Baron, simply go to Midcopse, search the Notice Board and find Gwent: Looking for New Players. This will start you on the quest and enable you to recover the Bloody Baron's Unique Gwent card.

References Edit

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