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Gwent: To Everything - Turn, Turn, Tournament! is a secondary quest in the Blood and Wine Expansion.

Players Edit



Journal entry Edit

One day, Geralt came across a notice board with information about a gwent tournament organized by Count Monnier and to be held at the Pheasantry. The witcher, as everyone knew, was not one to turn down a bit of card playing, so he decided to join the event. Little did he know what surprises awaited him there...
Count Monnier was a man as enterprising as he was creative. He and his brother Igor had decided to perfect gwent by adding a fifth faction: Skellige. The count announced that, if Geralt wished to take part in the tournament, he would be given a basic Skellige deck but would have to build it up himself. To acquire more powerful cards, Geralt had to find and defeat gwent players in Toussaint.
Geralt's deck was deemed worthy by Count Monnier and thus the witcher qualified to enter the tourney. Players from all over the world were to take part in it along with him. There was a nobleman from Novigrad, the Nilfgaardian ambassador, an Ofieri merchant, a contestant from Skellige and the organizer of the tournament himself, Count Monnier.

Geralt loses early in the tournament:

Despite Geralt's best efforts, he failed to emerge victorious at the tournament. Playing his cards well did not, however, turn out to be his only worry during the tournament. While they played, outside the building where the tournament was held a group of tradition-minded lovers of the old rules of gwent gathered to protest the addition of a new faction. After a short fight, the situation was brought under control and the two sides sat down for talks.

Geralt wins all "regular" rounds in the tournament:

Geralt proved himself the best gwent player in Toussaint by defeating all comers at the elite tournament. This was doubly happy news, for the tournament might never have come to any conclusion at all. A group of opponents of the new Skellige faction had decided to show up to express their discontent. A tense altercation took place, but luckily both sides kept their cool.

Geralt wins the final rounds as well:

Geralt played a final match against a dwarf named Yaki. He knew very well this was a game of key importance, for not only was victory in the tournament at stake, but also Count Monnier's honor and the fate of the new faction he had introduced. In the end, Geralt defeated the dwarf and Yaki proved himself an honorable player by admitting defeat and remaining calm. If only all conflicts in the world could be resolved over a hand of gwent...

Walkthrough Edit

  • Meet with the tournament's organizer.
  • Return to Count Monnier and get qualified for the tournament.
  • Come back after two days and join the tournament.
  • Join the tournament.
  • Fight the dwarves.

Geralt wins the tournament:

  • Win the tournament.
    • Win against Hamal ogn Dangbahli having wagered his silver sword: (100Tw3 icon xpBlave)
    • Win against the Ambassador von Hinn
    • Win against the Martin Monnier
  • Defeat Yaki the dwarf in a game of gwent. (240Tw3 icon xp, 1000Oren3)

Geralt fails to win the tournament:

  • Win the tournament. (40Tw3 icon xp, 100Oren3)
  • If witcher have wagered his silver sword and lost it, Count Monnier will trade it back for him

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