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Places Gulet

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Gulet (Polish: Guleta) is a smaller city which is located northeast of Vengerberg, in Aedirn. Geralt and Dandelion met at the fair there.

Andrzej Sapkowski Edit

Millet and mosquitoes! That reminds me of our first expedition together to the edge of the world, he said. Do you remember? We met at the fête in Gulet and you persuaded me —

You persuaded me! You had to flee from Gulet as fast as your horse could carry you because the girl you'd knocked up under the musicians' podium had four sturdy brothers. They were looking for you all over town, threatening to geld you and cover you in pitch and sawdust. That's why you hung on to me then.

— page 163, The Last Wish (UK edition)

The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Edit

Although Gulet does not appear in The Witcher 2Letho the kingslayer and Seltkirk, the commander of Aedirnian forces during the battles with Kaedwen, both hail from the city.


  • A gulet (Turkish pronunciation: [ɡuˈlet]) is a traditional design of a two-masted or three-masted wooden sailing vessel from the southwestern coast of Turkey.

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