Copies of the Guide to the Vineyards of Toussaint, Vol. I: The Sansretour Valley can be found in the following places:

Journal entry Edit

...While in the stunning duchy of Toussaint, one should not forget to visit Castel Ravello, whose grapes lend their vibrant flavor to wines such as Erveluce, Fiorano, Pomino and the famous Est Est. Should white wine be one's beverage of choice, I wholeheartedly recommend the excellent offerings of two fiercely competing vineyards, Coronata and Vermentino. If one seeks Beauclair White, popular in the North, one should seek out the Castel Toricella vineyard, which produces and exports it. Unfortunately, a severe economic crisis led to the bankruptcy of several distinguished vineyards such as Corvo Bianco, known as Gwyn Cerbin in the Elder Speech (oh, their supreme Sepremento...!) and Tufo. Let us hope each and every one of them finds a passionate new owner who will restore them to their former glory...