Painting Grandmaster and baby

the Grand Master, campaigning

Grand Master is the supreme leader of the Order of the White Rose, later changed into Order of the Flaming Rose. His authority is almost but not quite the ultimate power; he does have superiors, the head of the countries where there are bastions of the Order.

In Temeria, that was Foltest in Redania (for some time) Radovid V, he is chosen and also he is head of Order's Supreme Council.

Known Grand Masters Edit

COA White Rose

Order of the White Rose:

Herb Zakon Płonącej Róży2

Order of the Flaming Rose:

Trivia Edit

  • Jacques de Aldersberg is quite possibly Alvin, after he disappears from Murky Waters, he travels back through time. When he comes back, this is the man he has become. see Speculations.
  • There are two Grand Masters of same name (Siegfried) in succession which could lead to theory that de Lowe and Denesle are the one and same man, with different titles.