Goidemar was the sixth king of Temeria, the son of Gardic and Vulpia, and the half-brother to Leticia Charbonneau (through his father).

Biography Edit

He later married Riannon, but three years after their wedding the famous Falka rebellion began, during which the pregnant Riannon was accidentally captured. In prison, she gave birth to twins, Fiona[1] and Amavet, and subsequently descended into madness. At the same time the fierce Falka gave birth to a daughter, Adela[1], whom she abandoned to wage war, leaving the child for the mad prisoner to nurse. Soon thereafter the rebellion was suppressed, Falka was captured and burned at the stake, and King Goidemar regained his wife - albeit with three children.

Goidemar hired several mages to try to determine which child was not his, and they did succeed, but did not tell the king as that would have resulted in the execution of a two year old child.

After Riannon's death, Goidemar lost all hope that Amavet would become heir. This proved to be true when, due to his son's womanizing behavior, Amavet got himself killed by one particularly vengeful husband. This caused a chain of events where the king was ultimately helped out by King Liam of Cidaris and in exchange, he married Liam's daughter, Adda of Cidaris, with whom he had a second son, Cedric, who continued the Temerian line.

King Goidemar died at Maribor at the age of 78. He lies in the Temerian Royal crypt in Vizima - the very crypt in which Geralt met the striga.

Trivia Edit

  • New Temerian coat of arms had been adopted during his reign: three silver fleurs de lys on black shield.

Notes Edit

  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 Later information dug up by Fenn would suggest that Fiona was actually Falka's daughter, not Riannon's.